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Jubal Brown, Untitled (Inspirational Lines – ≠ ) (2019)

Jubal Brown, Untitled (Inspirational Lines – ≠ ) (2019)

Jubal Brown

Untitled (Inspirational Lines – ≠ )


4 x 6 inches

unlimited edition

framed in black polyurethane


INSPIRATIONAL LINES is a photo series, created with photographer Shawn McPherson, in which motivational words and aphorisms are spelled in white powder (authentic). Inspired by the trickle down gangster politics of survival by any means necessary into the milieu of middle-class art poseur, INSPIRATIONAL LINES examines relationships with substances, choices and consequences, acknowledging a life of excess with dry humour and a positive attitude. Brown looks to the future with a naïve optimism to face the ongoing struggle to STAY POSITIVE!


Buy art not drugs!