Tom Dean: God Magazine (1999)  (signed)

Tom Dean: God Magazine (1999) (signed)

Publisher: Art Metropole

City: Toronto, Canada

Year: 1999

Dimensions: 21.5 x 14 cm.

Cover: Paperback

Binding: Staple Bound

Process: Offset Printed



Produced in connection with Dean’s exhibition at the Venice Biennale, this set of three books presents invocations of God through mundane - even debased - graphics. The Ten Commandments reproduces the commandments in a green 3-D typeface on top of a cluster of floating red, yellow and blue circles taken straight off of a Wonderbread bag. In The Silence of the Lambs Christ’s bleeding body is the background for tears, roses, cut glass hearts and other contemporary commercial depictions of earthly experience. Finally, The Beatitudes are flecked with daubs of gold paint. All three come packaged inside a printed vinyl sleeve.



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