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Jubal Brown is a producer/presenter of contemporary art & events culture, and sometimes writer from Toronto. A/V video-maker of over 100 short works screened or performed in Toronto, New York, Paris, London, etc. Brown has programmed with established institutions and underground venues for 20+ years.


Past projects include: Toronto’s legendary event series at abandoned industrial sites WASTELAND… museum vomit intervention RESPONDING to ART, The Cultural Centre ART SYSTEM, multi-media label FAMEFAME, relational aesthetics collaborative The LAND of the LOST, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art’s live audio/visual event series VIDEODROME and the rhythmic noise club night SHIT FUN.


Vocationally a Social Service Worker and Addictions Counselor, Brown’s current work deals with addiction, dysfunctional relationships, depression and mental health issues as well as an extreme individualist canon of iconoclasm, revolution, and nihilism; love and anger, resistance and self-destruction.


In Canadian Art Magazine R.M. Vaughan called him “the dark prince of Toronto art.”

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