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Robert Anthony O’Halloran is an artist based in Toronto, ON (b. 1990). He holds a BAH in Art History/Sociology (Queen’s University) and a BFA in Sculpture/Installation (OCADU). Recent solo and group exhibitions include Arsenal Contemporary, Sibling, Bunker 2, Art Metropole, Little Sister, LAUNDRY ROOM, AC Repair Co., Warner Gallery, Koffler Gallery and the little-known one-hit-wonder, Karl Projects. Upcoming projects include an incubated social experiment at The Table, a glossary for Phile Magazine and, staying alive.


With emphasis on mood, movement, mass and matter they most enjoy site-specific art making. Employing action, gesture, emotionality and quasi-figuration, O’Halloran’s installations are micro-societies composed of manifold constituent parts. With an interest in psychosomatics, entanglements with intangibles, and the fraughtness of sociality in regard to both people and institutions, her recent works in visual art and writing explore humour and base materiality; social, sexual, and ecological health; labour and commodity; and, our collective need for pleasure and mirth in light of calamity.

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