Sinbad in the Rented World (2004)

Sinbad in the Rented World (2004)

what it feels like for a girl / Sinbad in the Rented World 

double catalogue

Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, 2004

Curated by Phillip Monk

With an essay by R.M. Vaughan and a story by Derek Mccormack

10 x 8 inches


Excerpt from "On the Other Hand: Sinbad in the Rented World" by Phillip Monk:


"With the title, Sinbad in the Rented World, I pay homage to the legacy of the legendary underground filmmaker and performer Jack Smith, referring to one of his unfinished film projects. Not that I suspect Smith’s legacy to be fulfilled by the artists in the exhibition––or even his amazing achievements in film, experimental theatre, and installation necessarily to be known. What I want to explore is a queer aesthetic in Toronto art but as applied to social function. Is this a new phenomenon? Perhaps, if we are willing to stretch our understanding of the parameters of visual culture––or queer art."




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