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Erella Ganon, Secret Keeper (7)  (2021)

Erella Ganon, Secret Keeper (7) (2021)

Erella Ganon

Secret Keeper (7)


archival print with 25 precision folds


1 of a series of 7, plus the seasonal Secret Keeper


To see a video of Erella folding the Secret Keepers please click here.


“This is the inspiration, this is the germ of what started me on this project.

I saw this book that women made in Auschwitz in the most deplorable conditions, they managed to make something beautiful to celebrate someone’s birthday. 

They chewed bread and held this in their mouths to make the paste, while they were starving.


I found it deeply moving to see how it was made.


I tried to make one with all the paper and supplies and found it challenging.


Heart book:


Only after these secret keepers were created did it occur to me that they each comprise of 18 mini paintings.


18 is a special number for Jewish people, that sort of honours the women of Auschwitz who created the heart book though I did not intend any such thing as I started folding and unfolding the paper bits. 

18 means life. I hadn’t thought that as I designed this but was delighted as I figured that out.


The bits of paper are to be ephemeral that this is a place to keep your secrets.”