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Public 62: The Gender-Diverse Lens (2021)

Public 62: The Gender-Diverse Lens (2021)

PUBLIC 62: The Gender-Diverse Lens


edited by Wayne Baerwaldt

designed by Barr Gilmore

front and back cover by Zachari Logan

softcover, 238 pages

9 ½ x 7 ½ inches

includes translucent two-sided artist multiple by David Hoffos & Margo Henry


Countless magazine covers in North America have responded to the reading public’s capacity for gender-diverse literacy. Gender-diverse representation in narrative forms have spread across all media platforms to become standard or even predictable in their depictions. The expressions of a gender-diverse presence therefore exist within a vast number of communities, more than ever before in history. Emerging designations for gender are more often embedded within a more inclusive, albeit challenging and complex web of shifting societal values around identity. To further capture this pivotal and seismic shift in the history of the human identity spectrum, guest editor Wayne Baerwaldt has invited lens-based visual artists and writers to reflect on their creative subject matter and their gender identity in any way they felt comfortable-through still and moving images, narrative text, collage, Instagram sites, audio, poetry, and so on. Each contributor was asked to examine the impact of their own evolving gender identity on their creative lens-based work.


PUBLIC 62: The Gender-Diverse Lens is 238 pages in length, stunningly designed by Barr Gilmore, with front and back covers by Zachari Logan, and each copy includes an exclusive artist multiple by David Hoffos & Margo Henry.



Steven Baboun, Juan José Barboza-Gubo, Olga Chagaoutdinova, Thirza Cuthand, Dayna Danger, Jesse Egner, Barr Gilmore, Noam Gonick, David Hoffos & Margo Henry, Adrienne Huard, Juanita Marchand Knight, Bruce Labruce, Blake Little, Zachari Logan, Wilfredo Candebat Lussón, Guy Maddin, Crystal Marchand, Tom Mcdonough, Pierre Molinier, Nicole Erin Morse, Andrew Mrozek, Adam Pendelton, Michael Petry, Lissa Rivera, Francis Ruyter, Morag Shackerley-Bennett, Vivek Shraya, Serena Ngaio Simmons, Malu Cano Valladares, Nic Wilson, Joseph R. Wolin



Marilyn Adlington, Alexandra Berceanu, Marco Meneghin, Penny Pan