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Prairie Modernist Noir 4 (2018 / 2020)

Prairie Modernist Noir 4 (2018 / 2020)

his is Winnipeg, and here’s the phone booth. Another thing about the lonely phone booth—sometimes it looks like it’s waiting for a bus. You can be aware of these bleak places but you’re certainly not mistaking this for the mid-century modern aesthetic.

As you can see, there’s a little distortion in this one. Someone who’s got the artistic eye, they probably see there’s a lot of distortion.

Here there is another theme to be discovered: incongruity. This booth is like a fossil whose environment has completely changed.


Jeanne Randolph

2018 / 2020

from Prairie Modernist Noir: The Disappearance of the Manitoba Telephone Booth

archival inkjet print

edition of 2, #1

8 ½ x 11 inches


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