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Prairie Modernist Noir 16 (2018 / 2020)

Prairie Modernist Noir 16 (2018 / 2020)

Here they are, another set of twins. Now, they are not made of rubber. Here is the prominent iPhone distortion.

While I was photographing, an adorable what appeared to be 14-year-old boy in his security guard outfit, hat and all, approached me. He said, “I’m supposed to ask you what you’re doing.” And I said, “Don’t you worry, son. I’m from MTS. We are doing a survey to make sure we have documented all the phone booths in Manitoba and these two are on our list. We want to preserve pictures of them for our historical archive.”

And he exclaimed, “I’m a part of history!” I wanted to take him with me.


Jeanne Randolph

2018 / 2020

from Prairie Modernist Noir: The Disappearance of the Manitoba Telephone Booth

archival inkjet print

edition of 2, #1

8 ½ x 11 inches


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