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Prairie Modernist Noir 14 (2018 / 2020)

Prairie Modernist Noir 14 (2018 / 2020)

If these twin phone booths really could stay true to their modernist souls...

Well, you know, when I was three years old the first of worst incidents happened. My mother said, "You don't need the blanket on you tonight. It's gonna be a warm night." And I guessed she might know best--we lived in southern Texas. So she said we'd put my little blanket away. Then I said, "Won't the blanket be lonely?"

And my mother said, "Jeanne, it doesn't have a soul. Objects don't have any soul, just you and me and your sister and Daddy have a soul." I have stayed in denial ever since. Objects do have a soul. These twin phone booths have souls. Sure, their souls can't talk or think or move but that doesn't matter.

Anyway, here these booths are, sharing a spot with the dumpster twins.


Jeanne Randolph

2018 / 2020

from Prairie Modernist Noir: The Disappearance of the Manitoba Telephone Booth

archival inkjet print

edition of 2, #1

8 ½ x 11 inches


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