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Midnight Repairs by Jay Isaac (2019)

Midnight Repairs by Jay Isaac (2019)

Jay Isaac

Midnight Repairs



24 pages 

edition of 50


Midnight Repairs is a multi-format exhibition consisting of small and mural-size paintings, small-edition prints, a poster and a play that combine overt graphics with obscured symbologies, examining where understanding and consumption intersect. The work contends with both the current dilemma of producing luxury objects within a compromised system and the improbability of accurate artistic and social communication within the same system.

Each of the paintings are gesso and thinly-applied black acrylic on canvas. They are compositionally complex while resisting colour and technique, leaving clear graphic images that oscillate between accessible and cryptic. Utilizing the formats of the mural, poster and play as communication devices and as narrative possibilities, the works exist on varying levels of accessibility, both economically and conceptually.


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