Matthias Herrmann: Textpieces 1996-1998

Matthias Herrmann: Textpieces 1996-1998

Matthias Herrmann

Textpieces 1996-1998

Publisher: Edition Stemmle (March 1, 1999)

142 pages


21 x 17 cm

ISBN-10: 3908161916

ISBN-13: 978-3908161912


In the textpieces the artist’s body becomes the prop to illustrate a text, or to appear to illustre a text, or to pose in the simulation of illustrating a text, any text, any text that strikes his fancy, so that all texts become sullied, as it were, or penetrated – as an odour penetrates a carpet – with the possibility of being illustrated by these vulgar gestures and this profane body : all texts are sound bites waiting to be dirtied by these infantile, appealling and and erotic tableaux, waiting to be transformed into the subvocal accompaniment to a slapstick schtick, the passion of St.Herrmann, he who is overcome by a drunk and bumbling libido.



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