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Lines in the Snow: Contemporary Canadian Drawing (2022)

Lines in the Snow: Contemporary Canadian Drawing (2022)

Lines in the Snow: Contemporary Canadian Drawing


Curated by Zachari Logan

Contemporary Canadian Drawing with an essay by Wayne Baerwaldt

Published by New Art Projects, London

softcover, full colour 

8 ¼ x 5 ¾ inches

ISBN: 978-1-8380514-9-5


The Lines in the Snow: Contemporary Canadian Drawing publication accompanies our current exhibition at New Art Projects, which brings together a selection of contemporary Canadian artists within the discipline of drawing. Our publication features an essay by celebrated writer and curator Wayne Baerwaldt. The practice of these artists is or relates to drawing in fundamental ways. Working across a range of intersecting subject matter, each of these artists express their place in the world along with an intimate understanding of it. Themes of ecology, indigeneity, sexuality, gender, embodiment, race, colonialism, technology, memory, landscape, abstraction and figuration highlight the myriad of ways these artists account for their own experience visually.
“As curator, and drawer myself, my interest in presenting a survey of fellow contemporary artists working in drawing, is in part, to highlight differences in method, cultural practice and exploration; while calling attention to similarities across vast territories. Canada as a state is the second largest on Earth. At the same time, it has a low population density. As Canadians, we live across broad and nearing distances, be they of the body, mind or culture. Time and space it can be said, are an artist’s gold. In emphasizing this abundance of space, both physical and psychological, Lines In The Snow, exist like those on paper or any surface, be they territorial, treaty or provincial borders; historical accounts, languages, cultural practices or personal histories.” — Curator, Zachari Logan




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