Jeremy Laing & Will Munro: The Pavilion of Virginia Puff-Paint (2006)

Jeremy Laing & Will Munro: The Pavilion of Virginia Puff-Paint (2006)

Date: 2006

Publisher: Art Gallery of York University

Format: Artists' Books

Details: Paper

ISBN: 0-921972-47-4

Size: 26.5 × 18 × 0.6 cm

Length: 48 pages


Combining costumes that look like evil mirror-universe King Louis XIV courtiers with ritualized hentai tentacle-porn fornication, Will Munro and Jeremy Laing’s performance for Sinbad in the Rented World at AGYU is about as twisted as things can reasonably be expected to get. The two participants (sheathed in full-body, phallus- and orifice-covered lace and silk) go through the highly sylized motions of almost every type of erotic behaviour known to civilized man in an intriguingly passionless manner, all to a perverse casbah-like soundtrack. The strangeness is here documented in lavish colour photos and a DVD.


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