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Jane Buyers: Gather...Arrange...Maintain (2015)

Jane Buyers: Gather...Arrange...Maintain (2015)

Contributors: John Armstrong, Nancy Campbell, and Crystal Mowry

Co-published by the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery and Museum London, 2015
104 pp 48 colour pages and 2 foldouts
10.5 x 7.5 in, hardcover
ISBN 978-1-897543-22-1


Jane Buyers: Gather...Arrange...Maintain is a focused survey drawn from a thirty year period of the work of contemporary Canadian artist Jane Buyers. The exquisite publication of the same name, designed by Kathe Gray, accompanies the touring exhibition. Buyers’ varied processes of investigation through drawing, sculpture, and printmaking are beautifully captured on 48 coloured pages and 2 foldouts.

Buyers' work evokes human presence through a poetic use of surrogate objects and forms. She makes frequent references to botanical forms as they are reproduced in domestic textiles and ceramics. These representations are significant to Buyers as reflections of an impulse to manipulate and idealize. This co-exists with a desire to be connected, to make order and to find meaning in our surroundings.





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