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Bernie Miller: Collision Monuments etcetera (2005)

Bernie Miller: Collision Monuments etcetera (2005)

Year of publication: May 2005
8 x 9 inches, 80 pages
Text in French and English.

Exhibition dates: from February 19 to June 17, 2004.

Essay by Catherine Bédard: “Shock Sculpture”; and by Victor Stochita: “Dialogue with Bernie Miller”.


Where art and architecture converge, Bernie Miller creates uncanny urban creatures that surprise the passer-by in city settings, or the spectator in a traditional gallery space. His bizarre objects reveal invisible structures that govern the edification of high places for ordinary consumerism, such as the infamous “shopping centre”. “Collision Monuments etcetera” presents four premiered sculptures: the encounter of a stereo speaker with a washing machine or that of a television and a refrigerator. Given an exhibition in which convergence, encounter, and collision all arise – all embodying a form of dual relationship, of interplay between two elements – a dialogue immediately seemed to be the most suitable way to explore Bernie Miller’s artistic propositions.


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