Image Spaces Revisited (1972)

Image Spaces Revisited (1972)

Vera Frenkel

Image Spaces Revisited


photo silkscreen with metallic ink

edition of 20, #6

13 ½ x 26 inches


This print was produced in conjunction with a book of the same title—Image Spaces—a collection of Vera Frenkel's poems and graphics, published by Round-stone Press (Toronto) in 1972 and launched as part of Printmaking Plus/Métagravure, two National Gallery of Canada touring exhibitions of her prints and print structures.  The print also exists as a book jacket for this publication.


"Nearly half a century ago, it heralded an interweaving of image and narrative that characterized my work from early videos to later multi-channel installations and websites."  ⁠— Vera Frenkel, 2020