For their 25th anniversary, he made her the principle shareholder of a... (2016)

For their 25th anniversary, he made her the principle shareholder of a... (2016)

Georganne Deen

For their 25th anniversary, he made her the principle shareholder of a white collar prison outside of Houston 


gouache on paper 

11 ½ x 6 ¾ inches



“Psychic Violence in America began as an effort to capture the barefaced depravity of those in positions to enrich themselves at the expense of others. I started the series in 2016 when each day broke with another expose of flagrant bamboozling but surprisingly, no one was bothering to veil their truant humanity, or even putting on a show of remorse when caught breaking the law. Knowing their chances of serving jail time were next to nil, they shrugged it off and went right back to it. To anyone who hadn’t gotten the word that we were no longer pretending to care about the rest of the world, this signaled a cold blooded violation on a psychic level where no laws protected us. It’s the stuff that myths are made of.

The influx of women engaged in these scams (heads of institutions cheating their faculty, bank administrators illegally opening and draining accounts for their customers (and being rewarded for it), ruthless wives of powerful CEOs given positions to which they have no understanding) awakened an untapped desire in me to create the kind of illustrations I’d admired as a child in high end fashion magazines.

Senators vying for the evangelical vote by promising absurd laws of control over female anatomy, slum lords serving as our cultural benefactors, toxic stock traders, arms dealers and health insurance CEOs celebrating a victory over the people with strippers: the series became a clearing house for my anger. Driven by the sheer volume of blabber that had smoked out all reasonable attempts to locate the truth in this shifting soap opera, I adopted the role of a court painter and PR agent for the age of fatuity, and proceeded to advance the notoriety of the sordid character types in formal (psychic) portraiture” (Georganne Deen, 2019).


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