Bunny Mask (3) (2020)

Bunny Mask (3) (2020)

Ellinor Galbraith

Bunny Mask (3)


fabric, metal bridge strip, thread


“These Bunny Masks are made from the left-over fabric from 'The Bunny Boudoir', an installation piece by myself and John Scott, first curated for Chromaliving in 1983. Since then we have remounted it several times, the last being for MOCA in 2011. Because of John’s health I ended up printing much of the fabric for the show and after cutting the piece out, I had a lot of leftover fabric. What to do with the leftover fabric during a pandemic...make Bunny Masks.”


Over the years Ellinor Rose Galbraith has collaborated on progjects with many Canadian artists including Tanya Mars, Vera Frenkel, Tim Jocelyn, David Buchan, Peggy Baker and John Scott, to name a few.